I’m Sorry

Hey, I owe you an apology…

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this sooner because if you sell pretty much anything online this can really help you out.  The simple truth is this one just slipped through the cracks.  My long-time friend and world renowned copywriter Justin Goff sent me an email about it a few days ago… (Justin is also the guest on my #1 listened to podcast of all time!)

And I really should’ve gotten this to you immediately but I’ve been caught up preparing for my virtual event today.  If you don’t know Justin, he’s one of the world’s leading copywriting and funnel experts and has been successfully scaling offers to 7 and 8-Figures for years.  And in 2016 he took his own supplement company Patriot Health Alliance from $0 to $23 Million in just 2 years … Almost entirely through one offer … And all by designing that offer to bring in huge numbers of buyers EVERY day.  Anyway, Justin has opened up access to his $2,000 course “1000 Buyers A Day.”  Which, just as you might imagine, is all about how to build an offer you can scale to 1000 buyers a day.  An invaluable skill for business owners… and one that’s easily worth much more than the $2k.

Except right now you DON’T need to worry about racking up your credit card if you’re interested in the course and I’ll explain why in just a second.  But first I want to tell you the simple reason behind WHY Justin decided it was important to build a course around getting 1000 buyers a day.

He looked at his bank account.

He noticed that…

In 2014 when he was first getting started with his supplement offer… his income was roughly $220,000 that year.  Which was nothing to sneeze at but not where he wanted to stay.  Then in 2015 when he scaled to between 100 and 200 buyers a day… his income went up to about $550,000

And in 2016 when he cleared 700 to 1000 buyers a day… he made $2.2 Million.  Which quickly made up his mind that, in his words…

“Knowing how to create an offer that can bring in 1000 buyers a day is probably the most lucrative skill you can have.
It’s more lucrative than copywriting…
It’s more lucrative than media buying.
If you want to make a bunch of dough (and help a bunch of people in the process) your focus should be on getting a 1000 buyer a day offer.”

So that’s why Justin created this course — he knows it’s one of those few things that can have a major direct impact on your bottom line … And NO ONE… ANYWHERE… has ever taught it.  Even though it’s something that drastically changes people’s lives for the better when they learn how to do it.  When business owners finally scale their offers to this level they automatically achieve millionaire status … At that point it’s kind of hard not to.  And Justin’s come up with a pretty cool way of giving you his $2,000 course…


Because of how powerful this stuff is and the ridiculous offer he’s running … I highly recommend grabbing this course.  You can check it out and get all the details on how you can get a free copy at the link below…

>> Get 1000 Buyers A Day for free

I can’t wait to hear how your offer does!

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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