I Feel Alive Like I Never Have Before

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

How often have you heard this phrase (or maybe said it yourself!)?

This sentiment of working hard to be successful is so common in our society, it can seem strange to question it.

But the approach of ‘all work, no play’ goes against everything I’ve learned about successfully creating a life you love living.

To live a meaningful, fulfilling life, you are NOT meant to sacrifice your enjoyment of life during your working years.

And when you learn to live aligned with spiritual principles … Your work becomes more fun and fulfilling.

You’re more relaxed, peaceful, and joyful.

Your relationships are more rewarding, nurturing and enjoyable.

And you simply love life more!

George Chung is a perfect example of what can happen when you fall into this trap of working yourself to the bone … and the miraculous transformation and flow that result when you choose to live life aligned with the spiritual laws that govern our universe.

George was a hard-working real estate agent who, deep down, held a belief that he didn’t deserve a successful life.

He wore discount clothing and drove a beat-up old car.

He rarely took vacations and worked himself to exhaustion.

He was all work and no play.

And the constant stress and overwork cost him nearly everything…

His happiness.

His marriage.

His relationship with his daughter.

And even his health.

It was only when George developed several disabling nerve diseases, one of which would require monthly, day-long treatments for the rest of his life that he realized something had to change.

Deep down, George knew there was a way to have a career he loved, that supported his health and gave him the time to focus on what was important to

He just didn’t know how to create it for himself.

Then George stumbled upon a video of mine about how to create a life you love.

Watching that video was the beginning of an incredible journey of healing & transformation for George.

He discovered the true meaning of wealth that it’s much more than money.  It’s about loving every aspect of your life – and knowing that you have the power within you to create your dreams.

George created a brand-new career that fills him with meaning and purpose, while allowing him plenty of time to enjoy life.

He’s re-married to an amazing woman, enjoys a renewed relationship with his daughter, and spends loads of time with his new grandson.

And, perhaps most importantly, he relishes in his restored health.

“All my nerve diseases are gone, including the treatment that my doctor said that I would have to take for the rest of my life.  They were so amazed, they wanted to make me a case study!” he reports.  “Through Mary’s mentoring, I was able to heal myself with no medication.  That, to me, is a miracle.”

The secrets that George used to completely transform his life aren’t a mystery.  These tools are within reach of every single person on the planet.

But few people ever learn of them.

You have the opportunity today to gain this life-changing information.  All you need to do is watch the replay of my “3 Keys to Creating an Extraordinary Life” masterclass while it’s still available…

More time off, a new career, better relationships, improved health – whatever you dream of, you can create.

To enjoying life — starting now :),

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