How To Win At Business (And Life) If You Have Anxiety

Note: This is Part 2 in a mini-series on some of the core strategies I’ve been using for years to overcome my anxiety and take control of every area of my life.

Clutching at the tight pain in my chest, I rushed through the door of the ER and told the nurse at the desk I was having a heart attack … In yesterday’s email I shared some of my struggles with anxiety at an event back in 2007 … And how years later I still suffered severe panic attacks that landed me in the ER (with what felt like a heart attack).

From that point on I committed to a process of Personal Mastery to manage my anxiety, dominate in business, and find the love of my life.

Because I want you to have these same tools to excel in your own life, today I’m bringing you Part Two…

Pillars 2 & 3 of Personal Mastery


Beginning with Communication to your team… Leaders communicate their mission and vision to their team, clients, and community.

As an entrepreneur, and leader of my business, Early to Rise, I communicate our vision and mission with my team weekly.

Our “Weekly Alignment Meetings” are a powerful tool that keeps everyone on the same page and moving ahead.

I start by sharing success stories from clients … Which reinforces our vision to help business owners live their perfect life. 

It also continues to define our mission, which is:

To help 100,000 entrepreneurs per year 2X productivity and increase their income with our books, online courses and coaching.

For example, my client Adam Pearson – a Seattle accountant, came to us dizzy (literally) from working too much …  Now he takes Fridays off, his business has tripled in the last 12 months, and he’s on pace to do over $5M in 2021.

That’s EXACTLY why we do what we do … Not just so entrepreneurs like Adam can make more money, but also to give them back their freedom.

We’re here to create more of those success stories, and communicating that in a weekly meeting keeps my team aligned.

By adding in our other weekly Goal Set and Review meetings, daily WAR room meetings, and quarterly 90 day planning sessions … Having the right communication is also how we doubled our revenue over 3 months in the middle of COVID.

But… if you don’t have the right communication … When individuals in a group or organization don’t understand the end goal and how to get there … bad decisions are likely to occur.

Even worse people mentally check out or just don’t care.

Who do you think will work harder… Employees at a supplement company who think the owner is just in it for money…


Employees at a supplement company who believe in a vision to help people with gut health because it saved the founder’s own family from illness?

If you think about it, both scenarios could be the exact same company … With the only difference being quality of communication.

Next is Communication with yourself. 

Do you have negative head trash?

“I’m not good enough… I’m an imposter.”

Books like my Unstoppable, Bedros’ Man Up, or The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks can all help … But you may want to take it a step further with therapy.

There is nothing wrong with this.

It’s no different than a golfer with a putting coach… If you want to play the greatest game you can, you darn well better have a coach.

And it’s the same if you want to run the greatest business you can.  You’ll need multiple coaches.

A therapist helping you remove head trash is a coach.

I’m personally getting assistance from a therapist (using something called EMDR) so I can perform at an even higher level.

Examine your communication with yourself and decide if you need to make changes in order to progress.

Equally important is Communication with your family.

When you start upgrading your habits and making big changes, it’s crucial you communicate with your family about them.

Explain what your new habits are and why you’re doing them.

Relay your mission and vision… then add the magic ingredient for guaranteed cooperation … Tell them what’s in it for them.

The benefit to your significant other could be more quality time together.

For your children it might be that you’ll be present for more activities and events.


This is the biggest factor for moving your business forward.

Which is why it’s also one of the foundations of my Millionaire Morning Routine.

You NEED to block out time in your schedule for different activities.

Most importantly you need to dedicate a significant block of time to what I call Non-Urgent Important Work (NUI).

This is the work that is absolutely essential to moving your business ahead… But, if left unprotected, it gets pushed aside and forgotten about amidst the chaos of an average day.

I go into more detail on NUI in my book the Perfect Week Formula … where I show you how to get more done and make more time for your family (you can grab your FREE copy here).

And the key to doing that, is for you to get up each day and move straight into an NUI work block as soon as possible.

“Singularity” days (or half-days) are another technique I prescribe. 

This is extreme time blocking where you spend several hours or a full day getting a large amount of work done on one specific focus.

For example, you might spend 5 hours one day shooting video content for your IG … rather than dragging it out over 30 minutes every day for weeks.

A realtor might spend one day devoted to prospecting, and another day devoted to showing houses.

Time blocking eliminates “transition time,” where you’re flipping from task to task.

Dedicating your attention to just one thing at a time allows you to get better quality work done, and more of it.

When you focus on pillars of Personal Mastery like Communication and Time Blocking … You’ll eliminate overwhelm, create more time, and avoid stress… all while rapidly moving your business forward.

Keep an eye on your inbox for Part 3 of this 5 Pillars of Personal Mastery mini series … Where I’ll be sharing pillars 4 & 5 so you can continue to develop mastery of the self … and achieve more money and success no matter what challenges have held you back in the past.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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