How To Master Self Discipline

Every elite athlete from LeBron James to Tom Brady

And every billionaire like Elon or Oprah…

Became a master of self discipline first… BEFORE reaching success.

THESE are the 10 ways to master self discipline

☝️ This is a special video me and my pal Bedros made, showing you…

– The single most important way to make giving in to impulse impossible… Use this to STOP eating potato chips, drinking alcohol, or any other bad habit for good

– THE TRUTH ABOUT “SMART” PHONES.  How an army of Ph.D’s from MIT are secretly controlling your life (and how you can fight back and win!)

– Do the world’s most disciplined people STILL procrastinate?  Here’s why it won’t matter even when they do…

– How to use science and “Hardwire your Brain” to do difficult things on autopilot

– ACHIEVE YOUR BIGGEST GOAL with this simple trick a 19 year old from Canada used to become a tennis prodigy and win the US Women’s Open

– The quickest, easiest way to make enormous changes in your behavior and lifestyle

– What most people only ever realize decades too late about self discipline

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