How To Make Every Day Easier (Even The Hard Ones)

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In case you’ve forgotten who I am, my name is Monica Shah.  I run Revenue Breakthrough where I teach women business owners (and some amazing men) how to double their incomes and impact in 12-18 months.  Hug a friend

Here’s a virtual hug from me (cause everyone needs one sometimes)!

Ever wake up, think of all you need to get done, and just want to pull the covers back up over your head?

A lot of business owners tell me they feel this way.

The enthusiasm and passion they had for their work has melted like ice cream on a hot August afternoon… and they are just left with a never-ending list of things they need to get done.  Talk about a daily grind!

I’ve got a better idea!

It’s what I call the Ideal Day Sandwich.

The Ideal Day Sandwich sets you up to tackle the hard things in your business because you sandwich the hard stuff in between the delightful stuff.

Here are The 4 Steps to Create an Ideal Day Sandwich…

Step 1: Plan Your Perfect Morning Ritual

What is your favorite way to start your morning?

For some of you, it might be reading.  Maybe you relish 15 minutes with a cup of tea.  Maybe you want to meditate, run, or do yoga.

Whatever it is, think about what would feel delicious and nourishing.  And get clear on what time you need to wake up and what time you start working to make sure you have time for a fulfilling morning ritual.

Step 2: Plan Your Perfect End-of-Workday Ritual

What is a lovely way to end your workday?  Maybe you love going for a walk with your dog.  Maybe it’s picking the kids up at the bus.  Or taking a relaxing candlelit bath with music.

Think about how you want to close your workday.  (It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day — but it could be.)  Get clear on what time of day is the end of your workday, as well.

Step 3: Start and End Your Days with Your Rituals

Start your day with your morning ritual, and end your day with your evening ritual.

Step 4: Sandwich all your “hard work” stuff in the middle of your morning and end-of-day rituals

We can all do more sales conversations, prospecting, and networking, and we can even take more rejection — if we know that it’s happening for a limited number of hours.

And that at the end there will be something luscious and comforting.

No matter what happens, you know that at the end of your workday, there’s that lovely evening ritual waiting for you.

It’s when our days go on and on, with no end in sight, that’s it hard to get motivated.

So try sandwiching all that hard stuff in between the things that you know bring you joy, relaxation and fun.

Try this tomorrow — you just might be able to breathe easier!

Your Sandwich Loving Friend,

P.S. Want to know how to make sure the stuff you do in the middle of your Ideal Day Sandwich will help bring in more money?  Stay tuned for my next email, where I’ll dive in on Revenue-Generating Activities.

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