How To Get Up At 6 AM

With all the insanity going on in the world right now…

Getting up at 6 am (let alone 5 am) might seem next to impossible.  But with the right strategies in place – I promise you can do it…

And enjoy it.

That’s why I made this new video showing you the easy ways to…

Get up at 6 AM

☝️ You’ll also learn…

– The secret evening routine that guarantees you’ll not only get to bed on time… but you’ll also be OUT COLD the minute your head hits the pillow

– How to make sure your work day never invades your evening again (This is a MUST KNOW for any spouse or parent who works long hours)

– Are you making this night-time YouTube or Netflix mistake?  Find out how to fix it at (4:07)

– A simple formula for deep sleep that lets you wake up recharged and bursting with energy

– 3 evening temptations that have you hitting snooze the next day and how to kick ‘em to the curb for good

– 2 often overlooked “Sleep Tools” that can make your slumber up to 3X more restful

Check out the video at the link below:

>> How to get up at 6 AM

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To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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