How To Get Into The $170 Billion Smartphone App Market

How does a college hockey player break into the ultra competitive software business…

And start making smartphone apps?

That’s exactly what my business partner Jeff MacPherson did.

A few months ago, Jeff and I launched our “Winning Streak” app…

And so far it’s been a HUGE success.

That’s why we made this short video for you…

All about how to get started in software development — AND how you can use it to improve your existing business…

When you click on the link above, you’ll discover:

– What influencer marketing is… how to actually make money from it (And how to make sure you DON’T get ripped off)

– Why smartphone apps outperform traditional lead magnets like e-books and PDFs

– How to automate your business with “Chatbots” WITHOUT ticking off your customers

– How my “Winning Streak” app is helping one of my clients earn millions

– The secret to finding reliable tech help on UpWork

– How to create an app ridiculously fast and have paying customers in the first few weeks

– Why building software is a lot like building a house

Check out the video at the link below:

>> How to get into the $170 billion smartphone app market

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Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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