How To Embed A YouTube Video Into WordPress

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Have you ever wondered how to embed a Youtube video on your website?

YouTube has established itself as THE major video-sharing platform in the world.  It boasts over 2 billion users and generates billions of views every single day.

People go to YouTube for a variety of reasons: finding funny clips, watching music videos, learning new skills, finding solutions to their problems, and more.  And it’s highly addictive!

Using Videos on Your Website

YouTube is a great resource for website owners as well.  It’s a great place to go to get some inspiration when you have writer’s block.  You can even incorporate a relevant YouTube video into your blog post.

Add a funny video to share a laugh with your audience.  Or, use a video to reinforce the information you’re providing in your blog post.  The possibilities are endless.

Embedding a video into your WordPress site is easy.

Christina Hills

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