How 2 Foreigners Would Fix America

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” –Henry David Thoreau

3 months ago I made a daring escape from Canada…

…and snuck across the border to the USA.

Since then I’ve visited Miami, Tampa, Denver, Vegas, LA, Nashville, and even Delray Beach (to see my mentor, Mark Ford)…

Along the way I’ve talked to so many good Americans who want to see change… because while this country is still great… there are a few things that seem “broken”.

So on a recent trip to Cali to visit my good friend and serial entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian — he and I filmed another one of our epic rants…

If you don’t know, Bedros and his family immigrated (legally!) from Armenia to America in 1979, and he’s very patriotic.

That’s why we filmed this video for you…

>> How 2 foreigners would fix America

☝️ You’ll learn…

– The #1 thing I would do to fix America’s spending problem

– Bedros’s “National Audit” proposal and how it could get a better ROI on your tax dollars

– Why minimum wage going up is bad for everyone…  ESPECIALLY the people earning minimum wage

– Canada vs USA… who REALLY has better health care?

– Why all politicians should first have to “serve” as entrepreneurs

– My mom’s secret crush (she won’t admit it — but I really think my mom has the hots for this guy)

– A disturbing trend we’re seeing with the government… and how they’re treating crisis like a business

– And the measures you can take to protect yourself

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Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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