Holiday Cooking With WordPress!

How to Add Recipes to Your Website

The holidays are here, and it’s traditionally a time when more people are cooking and baking at home.  Therefore,  I’m excited to share with you how to add recipes to your WordPress website.  Whether you’re a food blogger or just a cooking enthusiast like I am, adding recipes to your website can be really fun!

Using a Recipe Plugin for WordPress

As I mentioned, as a self-proclaimed foodie,  I love cooking.  I love trying new recipes, saving family recipes, visiting new restaurants, and talking about food.  My favorite way to add recipes to a website is with the WPRecipe Maker plugin.  This plugin makes it fun and easy to add your favorite recipes to your WordPress website.  It’s great for your own personal recipes and professional food websites.

Watch the Short Video on the WP Recipe Maker Plugin for WordPress:

In the short 4 min video above, I’ll explain a little about the plugin and show you some websites using the WP Recipe Maker plugin.
I’ll also share a little bit about the difference between the free version of the plugin ( vs. the pro version (

My Own Foodie Blog is Here…

I have created a new website for my recipes and our family recipes.  I’m still adding to it each month, but see it here


This website is built with the Divi theme (my link for them is To learn more about Divi, read my blog post What is the Divi Theme.

Use the Easy WPRecipe Maker Plugin

One of the nice features of this recipe plugin is that you create your recipes separate from your blog posts/pages.  This means you can add one recipe and have it display on multiple pages of your website.


WPRecipe Maker offers a free version and a paid (Pro) version.  The Pro version allows you to include nutritional information, which is helpful if you are a professional food blogger.

In addition, the Pro version will also allow you to change the number of servings, depending on how many people you are feeding.  And it will automatically calculate the adjustments to the ingredients needed.  You can find the pro version at

Some Foodie Website Examples From My Students:

Many of my students add a ‘Recipes’ category to the blog.  Here are a couple of my Website Creation Workshop students who are using the WP Recipe Maker plugin on their websites:



These two students are using the Pro version of the recipe.  However, I’m currently still using the free version of WP Recipe Maker on my new foodie recipe website (still under development).

The Simple Steps to Adding a Recipe


You can add a recipe to your website in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Install the free WPRecipe Maker Plugin
  2. Create the Recipe in the Plugin Area
  3. Add the recipe to a page or post
  4. Publish or view the page or post

Food for Thought

As we move closer to the holidays, food and family provide warmth and comfort.  For some, cooking and baking offer a creative and enjoyable respite away from the busyness of the season.

Whether you’re adding recipes for personal use, as a way to record favorite family dishes, or you’re a professional food blogger – check out the WP Recipe Maker plugin.  I’ve tried other recipe plugins in the past, but this one really simplifies the process of adding recipes to your website.

Experiment with the free version, then if you want more options, go to to purchase the pro version of the plugin.

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Would you like to learn more about the WP Recipe Maker plugin?  For detailed training, join me in the Website Marketing Workshop.

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