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When a business owner starts working with me, one of the FIRST things I have them do may seem surprisingly simple… and like it couldn’t possibly have much of an effect…

What is it?

Tracking your revenue.

As in – every single day, write down the revenue you brought in that day (even if the number is zero).

It’s a simple (and I mean VERY simple) way for you to always know exactly how much revenue you’re generating.

But it’s also a powerful way to help your revenue GROW.

Now, everyone knows I’m a numbers gal, so of course I love stuff like this.

But I thought I’d let one of my clients, Susan Powell, A Massage Therapist, tell you HER experience with using this technique (I think you’re going to LOVE her story!)…

***SUSAN’S STORY***Susan's Story

Before I met Monica, I never felt like I had a REAL business.  I was just someone who traded my services for money.  If you were to ask me how much money I’d made, I’d have no idea.  Just the question itself would have caused so much anxiety!

I’ve now been tracking my revenue since the first day I saw Monica speak.  Immediately, I realized how nice it was to be able to see, “Where AM I?”

I have a tendency to think in terms of “not enough,” and I can get lost in the worry around that.  But the revenue tracking grounds me in reality, especially when my tracking sheet shows me that I’m making consistent monthly income.  It’s like, “Oh, wait. I’m okay!”

And when I’m doing really well, I love looking back at my numbers and thinking, “Oh wow! Look at that!”

But the real benefits go even further than that.

First, tracking my revenue allows me to celebrate when I do well – because I actually KNOW that I’m doing well!

Just the other week, we were trying to get our old TV to work.  We’re not big TV watchers, so we’d just been dealing with it.

But in that moment, I looked at my partner and said, “You know what? I’m just going to go out and buy a new TV.”

And it was because I KNEW what my numbers looked like that month.  I KNEW it was okay to have some fun and celebrate.

Back when I first started working with Monica, she told me, “You need to know WHY you’re making money.”  I had this vision of being able to send my daughter to summer camp – where she could go horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and bond with friends.  And we were able to send her!  It was so cool to say, “I want this,” and now see it happening.

The idea of writing down a number every day may seem so simple – but it’s incredibly powerful.

What we focus on expands.  I knew that my money was something I wanted to expand.

And since I started tracking my revenue, and giving it that focus, I have been watching it expand.

Tracking your revenue also helps you see what’s possible.  Because you can’t DO something until you can CONCEIVE that you can do it.

The first month I tracked that I’d made $4,000, I was like, “Whoa.  I didn’t know I could do that!  Maybe I can do $5,000.”  And then, when I hit $5K, and I thought, “Wow, maybe I can do more…”

And it kept growing!  I just had my biggest month ever – over $7,000.

Part of the reason why it works is because you write down a goal, and you can see how close you are to it.  I remember one month, I was so close to hitting my goal, but I had one last client payment that needed to go through.  I called her up and said, “Hey, do you mind if I come by to run your card?  I’d like to get this taken care of before this month ends.”  She was fine with it, so I ran her card, and I hit my goal for that month.

The willingness and commitment to meet my goals shifted things for me – but it started with my being aware of what my revenue looked like in the first place.

Inspired to start tracking YOUR revenue?

And ready to get the plan and action steps to make those daily numbers GROW?

Then apply for a complimentary session with one of my Revenue Breakthrough Experts!

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Believe me – tracking your revenue is way more fun when you know how to generate MORE of it. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what your business has in store for you!

With love,

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