Hacking The Instagram Algorithm Is Sweet Traffic

When you’re a small business without the name-recognition of top brands, getting results from social media can prove difficult and Instagram is no different.

Here is a little hack you can apply to receive lots of free traffic from them

Instagram is no different

The CTA, the Call To Action, is the holy grail of Instagram.

Ultimately, you want to drive people to take action on your posts — this will send a strong signal to Instagram that your posts are “popular” — they will start showing on feeds and receive lots of traffic.

Every post should invite engagement by including some kind of question or invitation for discussion.

What is one word to describe…
Can you relate?
Have you done this?
Have you tried this?
Vote for your favorite: A or B!

The 2nd type of CTA is in the Bio — this too is important for the purpose of driving traffic back to your site, but it is the actual posts that initially funnel Instagram’s traffic to your bio.

This technique has generated thousands of visitors to my websites, and it will for you too.

To your success,

Dan Ashendorf
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