From All-Nighters To Traveling The World

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My client Cheryl Binnie (owner of had a goal to build a business that would allow her to travel the world.

Before she met me, Cheryl Binnie’s copywriting “business” was freelance work on the side of her day job as a waitress in New York City – but her goal was to build a business that would allow her to travel the world and focus on passion projects, like writing fantasy novels.

The money itself wasn’t the motivation – rather, the lifestyle she could create with it.

There was just one problem – she wasn’t making nearly enough money to create much of anything.

Client work came through referrals, which was great – but it was unpredictable.  Cheryl would struggle to cover her bills with the restaurant tips, while also pulling all-nighters to fit in the client work.  She also took on some high-maintenance, hard-to-please, headache clients because she couldn’t pass up the money.

Cheryl's StoryFast forward to today.

Cheryl’s business makes six figures.  She has consistent client work, easily covers her expenses, and has plenty left over for play.

In 2017 alone, she visited 7 different countries (while taking legit time off from her business!).  Every year since then, she’s spent at least two weeks abroad (with a 6-week trip to Portugal, Norway, and Northern Ireland in 2019!).

She’s also finally started working seriously on her first novel – even going on a 10-day writing retreat in Europe!

How did she make it happen?

Once Cheryl learned the formula to making consistent money, everything shifted.  She says…

“I realized there were action steps I could take, every single day – Monica calls them Revenue-Generating Activities – and that was a huge relief.

I also felt better about raising my prices.  Before, I knew I was way undercharging, but I was so desperate for work, I didn’t want to risk anyone saying No.  Once I figured out how to take control of finding new clients (instead of waiting for them to come to me), it gave me confidence in charging more.  I knew that, if someone said No, I’d be able to line up 3 more interested people.

Now I have a waiting list.  And when I have big trips, I know how to drum up more work before I leave, and how to have work lined up for when I come back – so I don’t have any scary dips in revenue.

I’ve also realized how much I was tolerating before.  Working all night, and all the next day.  Scraping by each month, never knowing where the next paying client would come from.

I was also fooling myself by saying, ‘I don’t need that much money to get by.’  It was like I was proud that I was used to living on the bare minimum.

But now, I’ve given myself permission to keep wanting more.  And it feels completely doable, because I can see the path to creating it.”

To learn that path for yourself, apply for a free, private call with one of my Revenue Breakthrough Experts.

Today, Cheryl is one of those business owners that other entrepreneurs look at and think, “Wow, she’s so far ahead of me.”

People are surprised to hear her story about waiting tables and struggling to get the business going.

So I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Running a business comes with a learning curve – but yours doesn’t have to last much longer.

Come get the same clarity Cheryl got, and start creating YOUR success story:

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