(controversial) Bitcoin, America, And Vaccine Passports

When I’m worried, confused, or frustrated, I go to one man for advice.

His name is Matt Smith, and he’s my business partner here at Early To Rise… and was the first person to introduce me to Bitcoin in 2012.

Matt’s one of the smartest – and most mysterious – people I know…

And in what might be my most controversial interview yet – he shares his alarming predictions on…

☝️ You’ll learn…

– Why Matt is NOT getting vaccinated

– Matt’s shocking prediction about the future of America

– The truth about our so-called “surging” economy

– Why Matt’s YouTube channel is about to get banned

– Why Matt thinks the government will soon be able to take money directly from your bank account whenever it wants

– When Matt thinks Bitcoin will hit $500,000… and why he literally BRIBED his family to start buying crypto

– Bitcoin’s flaws and why he invests in “Privacy Coins”

– Why some call Bitcoin the biggest “Ponzi Scheme” since Bernie Madoff…

– 3 MAJOR threats that could completely wipe out the current king of cryptocurrencies

– How the US Government criminalized ownership and trading of gold in 1933 (yes this really happened) – and how history could repeat itself with Bitcoin… sooner than you think

You’ll want to watch this twice and share this with every independent thinker that you know.

Check out the controversial video at the link below before my YouTube channel gets BANNED for having Matt on the show, haha!

>> Vaccine passports, Bitcoin, and the future of America   BANNED

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Craig Ballantyne

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>> Listen to the Podcast with Matt Smith here

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