Business Partner Horror Stories

Having a business partner can make you a ton of money.  Or blow up your business, destroy your marriage, and make you want to jump off a cliff.

I’ve heard it all… And one of my business partners even punched me in the face as you’ll see in my new video where I teach you the…

PROS vs CONS of having a business partner

☝️ You’ll learn…

– Why the majority of partnerships crash and burn… and how to make sure you don’t end up in the wreckage

– 1 type of person to NEVER partner with if you want to avoid business drama and money trauma

– EXACTLY what to look for in a business partner to guarantee strong profits and a strong relationship

– Great friends make great business partners right?  WRONG!  Here’s why friends are often the worst possible business partners (2:09)

– The #1 reason you should have a partnership and how to make it astronomically profitable

– How to enter a business partnership safely – PLUS the tough conversations most people avoid but you NEED to have early on

– 3 underrated and often overlooked characteristics of the “Perfect Business Partner”

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