“Biohacks” For Millionaire Energy & Longevity With Ben Greenfield

New York Times bestselling author Ben Greenfield literally wrote the textbook on how to optimize your body and brain…

He’s gone miles deep on everything from how to end insomnia… to building a bulletproof immune system… and even safely boosting your brainpower with nootropics, smart drugs, and psychedelics.

This was the most fascinating interview I’ve done all year (and I’ve interviewed some brilliant people)…

In this mind blowing video Ben shares his best tips to supercharge your energy, health, and longevity…

>> “Biohacks” for millionaire energy and longevity

When you click on the link above, you’ll discover:

– Why it’s becoming increasingly possible to live to 120 years

– The unconventional approach Ben is using to educate his twin boys and give them a natural “right of passage” into manhood

– 3 “Ayurvedic Medicine” techniques to add to your morning routine (I guarantee you’ve never heard of these)

– How to kickstart your circadian rhythm each day for a surge of natural energy

– Ben’s favorite supplements, nootropics, and psychedelics for boosting mental performance

– 5 powerful techniques to cure even the worst cases of insomnia

– Ben’s take on napping and sleep lengthCheck out the video at the below:

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Craig Ballantyne

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