Billionaire Wealth Creation Secrets

New York Times bestselling author Garrett Gunderson comes from a long line of coal miners with a scarce money mindset…

But he decided to break that mold.  From a young age, Garrett started investing in himself and doing whatever he could to learn about wealth creation…

After founding an Inc. 500 financial firm, he now helps entrepreneurs build optimal money strategies.  In this brand new video Garrett and I discuss his famous books Killing Sacred Cows and What Would Billionaires Do?

… As well as his best ways for legally and ethically rigging the game of money in your favor…

>> Billionaire Wealth Creation Secrets with Garrett Gunderson

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Killing Sacred Cows cover– 3 things billionaires do with their money that everyone else misses

– The #1 financial myth that keeps people from getting rich

– The “Richest Man in Babylon” money trick you can use to never have to worry about budgeting again

– 3 sneaky hidden costs you’re probably overpaying for

– How to achieve economic independence with recurring revenue streams

– 5 mistakes beginner investors make that slow their wealth creation

– Why it’s important to focus on cash flow NOT money accumulation

– How to remove your “Money Blinders” to add more value and grow your wealth FAST

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