Big Al’s “Closing” Lessons #1 thru #7

Sweat rolls down my face.  I am embarrassed.  Intimidated.  This is not going well.

I don’t know what to say.  I have been in her home for four hours.  Why doesn’t she volunteer to join?  This is torture for me.

She nods.  Agrees.  But never says, “Okay.  I want to join.”

And I never ask her directly, “Do you want to join, or not?”

Why?  Because I am afraid of rejection.  I don’t want to look like a sleazy, high-pressure salesman.  My parents taught me to be polite.  And, my self-confidence is low.

What do I do?  I just keep talking.  And talking.  And talking.  I hope at some point she will say that she wants to join.

It never happens.

I am sure we both want those four hours of our lives back.

I hope this story doesn’t sound familiar.

Thank you for enrolling in this free mini-course on “Closing.”

If we can’t close and get our prospects to say “yes”, well, we don’t have a business.  The only thing we ultimately get paid for is, “To get prospects to join our business or to become customers.”

Our companies pay us for results.

Skip the basics

Many of you have taken our workshops on “How to close to the subconscious mind” and “Super Closing” – so we won’t take much time on the basics.  Or, you have read our books, “Pre-Closing For Network Marketing” and “Closing For Network Marketing.”

So we won’t spend time on the basics.

We are going to the next level!!!


Let’s go.

Some quick notes:

    • This lesson and future lessons are mostly on audio. No hard reading.
    • Every two days we will send you another lesson.
    • Prepare to forget those cringing closing techniques from the 1980s.

This lesson shows us why we should stop giving presentations to prospects.


Yes, we should stop giving information and presentations to prospects.  Over 20 years ago, brain scientists measured and showed us that decisions happen BEFORE the information.


Decisions before they hear the name of our company, or our magic video and presentation?

Skeptical?  Of course.  Good-intentioned gurus told us to give great presentations.  Well, while we thought this was true, it turns out to be … wrong.

Many years ago I did a small workshop for some elite automobile executives in Singapore where I explained why information doesn’t work.  (This was during the Obama presidency.  More about that in an upcoming audio lesson.)

Here is an audio clip from the workshop.

I talked slowly as English was the second language for many in attendance.

Prepare to change how we see information.  (And please forgive the fat jokes.)

Here is the link to the 7-minute audio lesson:

Listen to Lesson 1 Now

 In Lesson #1 we learned:

Rule #1: People make decisions on zero information.

I gave two obvious case studies.

Case study #1: Fat people.  We got the information on how to lose weight, but we still struggle.

Case study #2: Our prospects see the exact same presentation and information.  Yet, some prospects join, and some don’t.  This means prospects are making decisions on something other than information.

So how do we feel about our sales presentations now?

Gulp!  Choke!  Yikes!

Yes, we should stop our silly, time-wasting sales presentations.  Nobody likes them.

Feel relieved?

So Rule #1: “People make decisions on zero information” is weird.

But rule 2 gets even more weird

I know what you are thinking.  “If people don’t use information to make a decision, then what do they make a decision with?”

In this audio clip, we will learn exactly how decisions are made.  And it is weird.

But, this will explain why advertisers can sell us something in a simple 15-second commercial, without a presentation.  Happens all the time.  And here is how they do it.  Oh wait, and that means we can do it too!

Ready for 15 minutes of incredible discovery?

Listen to Lesson 2 Now

Listen now.  See if you can figure out what Rule #2 is.

Oh, and one more thing.  Watch below this 30-second video clip!

Watch this 30-second YouTube video.  We will talk about it in the next lesson.

You don’t know what to look for yet, so don’t worry.  Just enjoy the video.  But think to yourself, “If I had bad credit …”

 In our first lesson we learned:

Rule #1: People make decisions on zero information.

In our last lesson we learned:

Rule #2: People make instant decisions in their subconscious minds.

Weird.  Yes.  But that is how our minds work.

How do we feel about our presentation now?

We should feel that information is stuff “after the sale” … after the prospect has made the buying or joining decision.

Weird, isn’t it?

And this is the breakthrough we need to go to the next level of our business.

If we stay in a fantasy world, where we believe that information is the key, well, that is a prescription for hard work and low pay.

This feels awful.  All of our lives we believed our information was important.

But to feel better, try this point-of-view.

    1. Eliminate our sales presentation and go right to the close.
    2. Take our original sales presentation and rename it to their “first training session.”

Yes, that is where information belongs.  In training, after our prospects have made their decision.

So don’t throw away our sales presentation.

This is something we show to our prospects after they decide to be in business with us.  Yes, the only people that see our sales presentation are those that make a “yes” decision.  No more sales presentation resistance!

And now we understand why prospects “tune out” when we talk information.

Action How to do it

Let’s take a look at one way to close to the subconscious mind.

As we have learned, all decisions are made by the subconscious mind.  That is the part of the mind we must talk to.

Is it hard to talk to the subconscious mind?


We just have to learn the basic skills to do it.

Here is a way to talk to the subconscious mind that is so easy, we can teach it to our team in seconds.  Enjoy this excerpt from my workshop in Singapore.

Listen to Lesson 3 Now

Well, did you enjoy the audio clip?

In the next lesson, we will learn more.

Meanwhile, enjoy saying: “Before I show you how this works, let me tell you what happened to me.”

 [2:30am] I am watching late night infomercials.  Yes, those cheesy, hyper salesmen selling cheap junk to insomniacs like me.

I know better.  I am not buying … oh wait!!!!

I have to call now!  I need this mini-blender.   And I need two of them immediately.


After ordering, I think to myself, “What? I did what? What triggered me to this buying frenzy?”

So I watch the same infomercial again on another channel to see what triggered my instant buying decision.

And I saw “Level 4 closing” at work.

Listen now.  This can change our lives’ … immediately.

Listen to Lesson 4 Now

Now, what do we think after listening to the audio?

Yes, by saying just a few words, prospects get an instant feeling, and instant decision inside of their minds.

No flip chart, no information, no PowerPoint, no videos – nothing else is needed.

Cool, eh?

Here is an easy example to remember this feeling.

If we are a strong supporter of a liberal party, all someone has to say is, “Conservatives.”  We get an instant feeling.

Of course, it works the other way too. 🙂

35 years ago I bought a water filter.  I didn’t want to.  I have sales resistance.  I have objections.

But the salesman used one of the most incredible sound bites that closed me in microseconds.  I will share that and other sound bites in this week’s audio lesson.

But before we go on, let’s look at company slogans, tag lines, and branding.

These statements are not “sound bites” – they don’t have the power to instantly close and command action.  They sound nice, and yes, they are good marketing, but they are not “sound bites.”

Listen now to these examples of slogans, tag lines, and branding, and compare them with some incredible “sound bites.”

Listen to Lesson 5 Now

Did we hear and feel the difference?  Yes, “sound bites” are awesome.

The problem is, “sound bites” are special, and very hard to create.  I don’t have a magic formula to create them.  I wish I did.

So how do we find “sound bites”?

Once we know they exist, we start listening for them.  When we hear one, write it down.  Can we make or edit that “sound bite” for our business?

Okay, ready to write?  Here is our chance to do something more than listen and take notes.  Here is our chance to start using what we learned.

And if we can’t think of any “sound bites” now, don’t worry.  Twice a week Keith and I send out free tips and phrases we can use in our business.  If we don’t get these free weekly tips now, go to and subscribe.  Just one tip could mean the right words to sponsor that leader that will make us a superstar!

50 years ago I went to my first opportunity meeting.  Awful.

3 full hours of anti-government hippies talking about strange things falling out of their colons, weird vibrations and health.

I walked out at the end.  But my sponsor used a word picture with a sound bite, and I joined immediately.  Skills make a difference.

Now is the time to start creating our own “Sound Bites.”

Listening and taking notes is fine, but we want to help ourselves and our teams become better closers.

… Gee, maybe we could have used “sound bites” to make the previous two sentences better?

“Don’t become a zombie-listening note taker.  Be a fire-breathing action hero by creating our own “sound bites.”

Now those two sentences have a little more impact. 🙂

Listen to this short audio, and then … start creating!  (A few diet, skin care, income examples and more.)

Listen to Lesson 6 Now

While there is no formula for creating powerful sound bites, here are a few words that will help build our “sound bite” muscles.  See if we can use these words for our business, service, or product.

Business Service or Product

Are we warmed up yet?

Start writing now and start closing at Level #4!

Now the conclusion to this free mini-course on “Closing.”

How many recipes for pizza?

Mmmm.  So many.

It is the same for closing.  This free mini-course shows just one, rejection-free way of closing that is perfect for shy people.  Use a Level 4 sound bite!

But how about another quick idea?

Many years ago, President Ronald Reagan asked potential voters, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Well, the previous four years had been hard.

The voters thought, “No.  I am not better off!  Time for change!”  And they voted for Ronald Reagan.

Look at this simple question again.

“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Ronald Reagan summed up and focused the entire campaign into one easy question.  Now, that is great closing.

While there is no formula for creating powerful sound bites, here are some product examples of soundbites from our “Retail Sales” book to kick-start our thinking:

Let’s start with skincare and cosmetics.

Here are a few small phrases that we could use in our conversations to trigger instant buying decisions.

* “Makes your skin look so good, you will never have to wear makeup again.”
* “Avoid the Clown School of Makeup by using our coordinated color palettes.”
* “Cheap makeup makes us look … cheap.”
* “Skin like a baby in only 14 days.”
* “Makes your skin look like it did when you were 16 years old, but without the acne.”
* “Feels so good that you can’t stop touching your skin.”
* “We call this the ‘pore-reducer.’”
* “Makes your skin look so young that you won’t be able to buy alcohol anymore.”
* “Wrinkles so deep you can store food in them.”
* “Acne-buster!”
* “Lay in bed at night listening to your skin wrinkle.”
* “Keep wrinkles away an extra 15 years.”
* “Wrinkle-shrinker.”
* “Lipstick that stays on your lips, instead of on cups and clothing.”
* “Have natural long lashes, without gluing them on.”
* “Makes your skin younger every night while you sleep.”
* “Double-chin remover.”
* “Lose those wrinkles!”
* “You never want your face to look older than you are.”
* “Facelift in a bottle.”
* “One more wrinkle and I could pass for a prune.”
* “Get rid of the ‘tech-neck’ from looking at your phone all the time.”

Yes, some of these sound bites make us feel good, and some will make us feel bad.  But they make us “feel,” and that can trigger a decision to buy.  Plus, these sound bites are memorable.  Hesitant buyers will remember them day after day, until they buy.

Nutrition products.

* “Makes you feel like you are a teenager again, but with better judgment.”
* “Wake up every morning feeling like a million dollars.”
* “Fall asleep at night within 7 minutes of your head touching the pillow.”
* “Stress-buster.”
* “Dying early is inconvenient.”
* “Have so much energy that your grandchildren whine, ‘Grandma, slow down.  We can’t keep up!’”
* “Have so much energy that when you arrive home from work, you feel like going out dancing.”
* “Mind Power food.”
* “Genius in a capsule.”
* “Instant energy in a tablet.”
* “Happiness in a bottle.”
* “The nap-buster!”
* “Hemorrhoids?  Never say ‘Ouch!’ again!”
* “If you owned a million-dollar racehorse, would you start its day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette?”
* “Concentrated salad in a capsule.”
* “Fiber for pizza-lovers who hate rabbit food.”
* “Detox.  Like spring cleaning for your body.”
* “Removes the stress from a dream-sucking vampire boss who takes little bits of our brains out every day, turning us into burned-out human zombies.”
* “First symptom of heart disease: Instant death.”
* “Your body comes with a lifetime guarantee.”

The examples can go on and on.  But let me show you two examples of how others are using sound bites with their nutrition customers.

First, one distributor had problems selling his high-priced supplements.  Then, he learned to end his presentation with this phrase to his skeptical critics:

“You can save a lot of money on your supplements by just dying early.”

This helped close the skeptical listeners who couldn’t get their priorities straight.

Second, a 77-year-old lady from Florida told me this story.  She said she was the youngest person in her Florida condominium building.  All of her potential customers were much older.  So her entire sales presentation was this phrase:

“Immune booster – so nothing will take you out.”

Natural cleaning products.

* “Poison-proof your house.”
* “Make your house safe for your grandchildren.”
* “A first step we can take to save our world.”
* “Clean with nature – not chemicals.”

Weight-loss products.

* “Turns your body into a fat-burning machine.”
* “Helps burn fat, even while you watch television.”
* “Willpower in a capsule.”
* “The ultimate fat-blocker.”
* “The fat assassin.”
* “Fat-busters.”
* “Calorie-killers.”
* “Herbal fat-burners.”
* “Chocolate-flavored weight loss.”
* “Power breakfast for dieters.”
* “No more yo-yo diets.”
* “Donut replacers.”
* “Lose weight by changing your brand of coffee.”
* “For when you want to ‘skinny down.’”
* “Cottage cheese thighs.”
* “Pinch an inch.”
* “Love handles.”
* “Muffin top.”
* “Fit into your skinny jeans.”
* “Stop sucking your meals through a straw!”
* “Stop eating rabbit food.”
* “No-more-cravings capsule.”
* “Never diet again!”

Water filters.

* “Your water is recycled. We take out other people’s contributions.”
* “Better than bottled water.”
* “Chlorine is great for bleaching clothes, but not for our stomachs.”
* “Great-tasting water for only ten cents a liter!”


* “A five-star holiday for the price of a Holiday Inn.”
* “Stop vacationing at your mother-in-law’s apartment with her 32 cats.”
* “Born to travel?”
* “Send postcards from Hawaii to your co-workers.”
* “Travel at wholesale prices instead of retail prices.”


* “Don’t change your electricity.  Just have them send you a lower bill.”
* “We call our service the ‘bill reducer.’”

Energy drinks.

* “Lightning in a can.”
* “Canned motivation.”
* “Takes three tranquilizer darts just to bring you down.”

Other product ideas.

For all-natural toothpaste: “Stop putting chemicals in your children’s mouths.”

For all-natural shampoo: “Stop putting chemicals on your children’s heads.”

For custom greeting cards: “Personalized cards, instead of generic cards that show that you don’t care.”

Colognes and perfumes: “Woman magnet” or “man magnet.”

But what about the other skills

Here is a list of the skills we will learn in our network marketing career.  It is like driving a car.  We don’t want to miss any of the skills.  Driving a car and not knowing the “brake skill” could be dangerous!

The “25 Skills” for Network Marketing

We will learn these skills, and we will succeed in our business.

Closing For Network MarketingBut back to the closing skill?  Do we want more closing skills now?

Here are two of our favorite books on closing.  (Yes, Keith and I are prejudiced.)

These and other Big Al skill books are at:

Plenty of skills for us to learn.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “Readers are leaders.”  So thank you for reading this far into this free mini-course.

Now what?

    1. We will connect twice a week with our Free Big Al Tips.  Lots of new ideas coming your way.
    2. When the time is right in our career, we can enroll in the liver, interactive monthly MasterClass for serious network marketers.
    3. And, we will be listening for “sound bite” ideas every day.  It took a sound bite for someone to sponsor me.  That “sound bite” paid off!

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to use “sound bites” for closing.

–Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Tom ‘Big al’ Schreiter


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