Are You Tired Of Being Tired?

More Energy and Productivity.

Are you tired of being tired — staying up too late doing meaningless things that zap your energy the next day?

Are you tired of jumping straight into the grind — without any “magic time” in the morning for you to do what’s actually important?

Here’s the solution to those (and many other related problems): Set a “reverse alarm”.

Sure, you already know when you should go to bed … to make sure you give yourself a chance to get 8 restorative hours of sleep … so that you can get up “early” in the morning to give yourself time to do what’s really important like … work on that book you keep talking about … go to the gym … work on your business … or whatever it is that’s TRULY important to you yet continues to get put off, or at best, is second fiddle.

Yet, when the rubber hits the road, you’re staying up too late — often, two, three or more hours than you should — spending your precious time on those time-sucking electronic devices … scrolling through social media … going down some rabbit hole on the Internet … watching another TV show … getting sucked up in irrelevant news drama…

And ultimately, putting your hopes and dreams on hold when you hit the Snooze button in the morning and don’t get up when you should.

This is where the reverse alarm comes into play.

To make sure you actually get to bed on time, set an alarm that goes off 60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep.

When it goes off, that’s your non-negotiable reminder that it’s time to unplug and unwind.

Turn off all electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, TVs … you know the drill).

Stop eating.  Start easing your way into the night.

Read a book.  Take a bath.  (A hot bath, by the way, can help you sleep better.)

Spend time with your partner.

Do something that relaxes your mind and allows you to slowly turn off after a long day.

When you do this consistently, you will sleep like a baby, and you will wake up ready to win the day, with energy and enthusiasm instead of going at it half-hearted.

To a Great Day!

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