Are You Sending The Right Message?

Leadership is not a position.  It’s more like an on-going action.  A leader is someone who has the courage to set the example.  When you are the leader, there is little room for error, because everyone is always watching.  Nothing you can do or say will escape the scrutiny or examination of your followers.

Golden MastermindBeing a leader takes HEART!

So ask yourself… “Am I setting a good example?”

Maybe you don’t return a phone call to a potential prospect.  This prospect was referred to you by a teammate.  In the blink of an eye, you look like the bad guy.  This is the give and take that comes with being a leader.

You can’t be a leader sometimes, you have to lead all the time.

Leaders are accountable.  They don’t expect their followers to do anything that they themselves wouldn’t do.  A leader is willing to serve, give, and sacrifice for the betterment of the group.

A good leader contributes their own time and energy to the goal rather than simply delegating.  A leader realizes that his or her team is similar to a farmer planting his crops.  You invest in every seed the same, but realize that some grow and some won’t.  It’s the law of averages.  For this reason, you can’t afford to be attached to every seed that you plant.

Leadership… quite simply is influence.  So you must never point to someone else or an outside circumstance as the cause of your challenges.  Aim to be in a position to take responsibility objectively for how you feel, how your people feel, for both your own actions and the actions of those on your team, as well as the end result produced.

This is why being objective is so important when it comes to being a leader.  Finally, leadership is about building and instilling belief in your tribe.  Events build belief.  The people in your team deserve to hear the success stories of people just like them who were able to “make it.”  Before and after stories are very powerful in a team.  It gets people believing that “If she can do it, so can I” mentality.  And remember, your team is watching you!  If you skip key events, then you can expect your teammates to do the same.

Events are an investment!

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–Jeffery Combs

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