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Add quick polls to your emails using our powerfully-simple Email Builder

Gathering subscriber feedback can help you better understand their needs and desires, allowing you to create more targeted content for them.

One way to easily collect subscriber feedback is by adding a quick poll to your emails.

Here’s how to add a quick poll to your AWeber emails:

1.  First, create a “thank you” page where you can send subscribers after they click a poll option.

(Pro tip: Use the AWeber Landing Page Builder to create a custom “thank you” page.)

2.  Next, draft your email, and add a list of poll options using text, buttons, or images.

3.  Link each option to your “thank you” page and add a # or ? to the end of the link, along with a word to represent the poll option (e.g., or

All the links will go to the same destination, but you can track them as separate links in AWeber, allowing you to see the results in your Broadcast Stats.

4.  When your email is ready to go, send it to your subscribers.

5.  View the results of your quick poll in your Broadcast Stats.

Want to get more advanced with your quick poll?

Automatically tag subscribers who select any of the poll options.  This will allow you to automate a “thank you” email to subscribers after they complete the quick poll, and personalize the content of your email.

To do this, simply set up click automations for the links in your email.  Have a main tag that gets applied to all choices, and a unique tag for each individual choice.

Set up your campaign to start when the main tag is applied to a subscriber. (Pro tip: Be sure to set a time delay at the start of your campaign in case subscribers choose more than one from the quick poll.)

Use conditional content in your “thank you” email to tailor the message based on their responses by using the unique tags.

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