A Simple Process To Get New Clients

I just finished leading my virtual Revenue Breakthrough Intensive last week.  It’s so amazing to be able to work with women 1-1 and help them craft a plan for their business.

Often they come in so confused from all the various programs and free training out there — it’s hard for them to understand what to do to attract new clients.  I know that you are probably in the same boat.  With everything being virtual these days, we are being bombarded with lots of little systems and tactics.  You could spend months pur-chasing programs, and still not know how to put it all together.

Almost every new entrepreneur I meet has spent thousands on programs, but is still struggling to put significant money in their bank accounts.

That’s because the key to sustainable business isn’t learning and doing “all the things.”  It’s knowing exactly what to focus on to make money, and doing that consistently.

Typically that means my clients work less and make more (yeah!).

Here’s a way to get you started on this process of simplification:

Red door pull handleP — PLANNING

The first piece is to focus on the top activities to pull clients in and increase business profits, which are 1) speaking events, 2) sponsorships, and 3) doing webinars.  Now look at your calendar for the next 3 months — do you have at least one of these activities planned for each month?  If not, start doing your research and reach-out to get them into your calendar now.


Understand that you get leads from two sources: offline and online.  Offline sources are actions such as: local networking events, speaking events, sponsorships.  Online sources are getting leads from actions such as: social media, webinars, videos, and virtual talks.

Right now, we can only get leads from online sources because of the pandemic.

But you should know, it’s easier to get conversions (and actual clients) from offline sources, especially when you’re just getting started.

That means that since we need to rely on online sources, you’ll need to do a lot more sales conversations before you get a Yes, which means more online talks.  So plan to do more online talks, interviews, videos etc to create the same number of new clients.


Locate opportunities!  Look for online opportunities like Summits, Gift Giveaways, potential JV Partners, online interviews and podcasts.

I suggest spending at least 2 hours a week researching and reaching out for new opportunities for your business.  That way you are always staying ahead of the lead generating game.

And yes, you can start doing this now; you’ll want to plan 6-12 months out for big events — and many of them already have dates set.


When you send an offer in an email to your entire list, expect 1-3% of your list to act.  So if you have only a few hundred people on your list, very few will act on your offer.

There are a lot of ways to build your list.  Organic ways are things like speaking, sponsorships, online JV Partners (try hosting a webinar that your partners promote to their lists!).

There are paid ways like getting leads from Facebook through paid ads.

There you have it!  PULL stands for P—planning, U—understanding, L—locate, and L—list building.
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