A Black Market Book And The #1 High Income Skill

In 1988 a rugged man in glasses and an aloha shirt was seen doing something strange … He walked up to a faded counter and slapped down $1,000 cash for a poorly reproduced copy of an out of print book.

Why would he pay so much for a blurred stack of counterfeit pages to a book 15 years out of production?

It’s the same reason a few years earlier he spent his last $100 on a speed reading course … Then went to the local library and quickly read every single book he could find on marketing and sales … Circling back and slowly re-reading the good ones.

This man was dedicated to one day achieving mastery.

He had committed to turning pro.

That man was John Carlton, a legendary copywriter now worth millions.

But back then John was just starting out as a hired gun for ad agencies … He knew that knowledge and information was his ticket to success.

(as well as quickly surpassing the “pros” who had been working in those agencies for years)

I tell you this for two reasons:

The first is to encourage you to find, digest, and APPLY the knowledge you need to win in business.

The second?

I also strongly encourage you to focus on high income skills that will take you further faster as an entrepreneur … Primarily copywriting (including digital marketing) and sales.

There are others but as an entrepreneur these two are generally most important.

Right now I’ll focus on copywriting because it’s often overlooked … But in many businesses good copywriting can either make your sales much easier … Or take care of the selling altogether.

As a copywriter, Carlton paid $1,000 for that book ($2,200 in today’s money).

My friend and business partner, Bedros Keuilian (not a copywriter) is the proud owner of a box of all the million dollar sales letters ever written by another famous copywriter.

And I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years travelling to marketing and copywriting events … So I could learn what works to make money in business.

And I’m not even a “professional copywriter.”

(Although I once wrote a best-selling promotion for a Men’s Health magazine book, “The Maximus Body”… but that’s a lesson for another day.)

Why do I tell you these stories?

Because copywriting is one of the high income skills I identified as being extremely important to my business.

And even though I now employ copywriters, sales people, and other professionals who do this work for me … I have a high level of competency so I can delegate what I want done, can train new employees if needed … And if push comes to shove, I can always step in and do it myself if I have to – which was often the case in my early days.

You may find yourself in the do-it-yourself position too… at least for a little while.

Luckily for you, great copywriting books are easier to find these days (and a lot cheaper).

Now you can pay just $10-30 for copywriting books like the one which cost $1000 in 1988.

My friend Ian Stanley has a great one, all about the lessons he learned helping grow countless 7 and 8-Figure companies…

On his way to selling over $100,000,000 since just 2014.

It’s titled: Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman

(Note the curiosity in that copy!)

And it’s good.  VERY good.

So good I nearly read it cover to cover my first time picking it up.

Ian has put together a playbook for effective copywriting … Showing you what actually works so you can start getting sales at will … Plus the mistakes that have been limiting your results up to this point and how to avoid them.

As a guy who went from making $4 or 5k per month up to $25k then $80k+ …

And who has experience writing copy that gets read by millions of people … He’s got a thing or two worth sharing.

Since Ian’s my buddy, and he also gave a killer value-packed presentation at my recent virtual event … For a short time he’s offering his book to you as my reader at no charge.

You can get it here for FREE (just pay shipping)

I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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