7-Figure Sports Secrets That Can Make You Rich

In the 1984 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers basically told Michael Jordan, “You suck”.

They went on to pick Sam Bowie.

Jordan went on to win 6 NBA championship rings with the Chicago Bulls, and today he is worth an estimated $1.9 billion.

Now while you and I will never play in the NBA…

We can use lessons from Jordan and other sports dynasties like the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Yankees, Cowboys, Patriots, and UCLA Bruins to get rich.

Check out my latest rant here where I teach you…

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– The #1 difference between entrepreneurs who make it to 7-figures vs those who stay stuck at about $100K per year

– One thing top CEOs do relentlessly and why the most successful college football coaches – like Nick Saban – do it too

– The secret to how Vince Lombardi made his famous “Power Sweep” work nearly every time… and how you can use the same power mindset to boost your sales

– How to build the Million Dollar Mindset of an athlete like Michael Phelps

– The weird “Sock Drill” used by legendary basketball coach John Wooden to win an incredible 10 championships with the UCLA Bruins

– A sneaky way you can develop “healthy addiction” for more daily wins in your business

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>> 7-figure sports secrets that can make you rich

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