6 Common Characteristics Of Highly Successful People

…(which ones do you have?)

Jeff Bezos, the world’s 2nd richest man, is no stranger to screwing up.  Cheating on your wife ranks among the dumbest things you can do…

And he lost at least $38 billion in the divorce settlement as his penalty.

But even without that personal slip up — Bezos has lost over a billion dollars from business blunders.  For example…

The Fire Phone: A $170 million write-off

Junglee: Jung-what? Exactly. Another $170 million mistake… this one made in 1998

Living Social: He lost $175 million on the initial purchase, and then dumped another $56 million into it… proving that even the “smartest guys” will throw good money at bad investments.

Pets.com: $50 million

Yet Bezos has the right perspective on these bad business bets:

“It was like getting a root canal with no anesthesia.  None of those things are fun.  But they also don’t matter.”

His net worth has increased nearly 10 fold since making those mistakes.

Which is why he’s also said:

“If the size of your failures isn’t growing, you’re not going to be inventing at a size that can actually move the needle.”

So although the goal is never to lose money…

When you do encounter failure it’s important to take a page from Jeff Bezos…

And be ok with making mistakes.

Which is one of the 6 Common Characteristics of Highly Successful People.

Since you’re here reading this, I know you must share some of these traits too…

Even if you’re still working to develop others.

Check out the rest of these characteristics and see which ones you still need to work on… and which ones you already possess:

#1 – We Have a Deep Drive (Big Reason Why)

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an aspiring Olympic athlete, or a busy parent…

The truth is that you’re going to have days that suck.

But successful people show up every day – especially on their worst days – because we have a strong reason why and a deep drive for doing what we do.

Whenever I go on a podcast I share a little schtick that goes like this:

“You will have days when your spouse threatens to leave, your dog gets run over, and you’ve been punched in the gut, yet as an entrepreneur you’re still expected to show up and outperform everyone on your team – and no one will have sympathy for you.”

If you’re not willing to show up on the dark days, you won’t be successful. #coldhardtruth

But the only way you’ll muster up the courage to do that is from having a Deep Drive.

What’s yours?

#2 – We Don’t Expect a 7-Figure Income from a 5-Figure Lifestyle

Successful people are not sloppy, nor snoozing or boozing.

We’re not late, we’re not overweight, we’re not procrastinators, we’re not imposters…

We build habits of steel… we build systems that protect us from our weaknesses…

We own the morning and we win our days…

We plan and prepare because our genius thrives with superior preparation.  We use self-reflection and introspection to identify our optimal sleep, exercise, and nutrition patterns… so we can be productivity machines.  And we use rest and recovery techniques, and recharge in the presence of our friends and families in order to get the most out of life.

If you’re not yet at this level you need to do two things:

a) Forgive yourself and give yourself grace… don’t be too hard on yourself

b) Identify the area for greatest improvement… then start to get quick wins and build your confidence by keeping promises

Do this repeatedly and your life will look completely different in 90 days.

#3 – We Are Resilient

Successful people always find a way to get back on track.  When we have those dark days… we don’t dwell on them…

Instead, we look for quick victories to rise above them… and to find the light, momentum, and motivation to keep moving ahead.

This might be the most important trait of all.

#4 – We Master The 4 High Income Skills

Selling.  Copywriting.  Speaking.  Leadership.

These are skills almost anyone can develop, yet most don’t bother…

Because it takes commitment, practice, and repetition.  But these skills convince people to make decisions and take action with their wallets…

So it’s no surprise successful people are masters in the art of persuasion.

And successful people LOVE to sell.

For more on this topic please watch my YT video (above) or follow the link below:
=> How high income skills made me a millionaire

#5 – We Seek Feedback and New Information

Almost equal in importance as Resilience…

Successful people are open to feedback and curious about how they can improve…

We are open to introspection and outside mentorship.  And we actively seek the tools and information to help us win at life and business.  So congratulate yourself right now, because if you opened this email and read this far…

I KNOW you have this trait.  Just don’t get complacent! 😉  If you spend time developing one or more of these characteristics each day…

You’ll soon reach new levels of success you’d previously only dreamed of.  So keep an eye on your inbox this week…

Because I’ll be bringing you more ways to install these characteristics and unlock every aspect of the highly successful person you already are.

Success Loves Speed,
Craig Balantyne

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