5 Steps To Building A Millionaire Mindset

Here’s an important question and potentially life changing answer from a conversation I had recently:

How can two people – each with the same sales and marketing knowledge – have two wildly different levels of success in business?

Both these people know…

– How to set up a landing page
– How to make social media videos
– And how to send emails to their list

There is no difference in the level of their skills…

But one of them will struggle while the other makes seven-figures.  The dividing factor?

Surprisingly, it’s usually their Mindset.  That’s why today I’m giving you the 5 steps for building a Millionaire Mindset…

So you can convert your knowledge, skills, and tactics into cold hard cash in your business.

1. Switch to Seven-Figure Self-Talk

To the struggling entrepreneur, problems lead to a negative mindset.

“This sucks.”

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m tired and frustrated.”

“This will never work so I’ll go try something else.”

That’s not 7-figure self-talk.  The Millionaire mentally flips problems into puzzles(challenges).

“I’m frustrated” becomes “I’ll figure it out.”

“I’m tired” and “I can’t do this” becomes “This is gonna require me to step up my game… and I’m up for the challenge.”

“This will never work” becomes “I’m going to do everything it takes to solve this problem.”

And yes, this even applies to me.  In the past, frustrating situations made me default to the self-talk of “I’m so angry.”

So I’ve flipped that to… “This is getting me fired up” (positive reframing)

When I’m angry, I sulk.  When I’m fired up, I fix things.  Fix your self-talk, and you’ll fix your problems.

2. Drive for Daily Growth

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger knew that short-term gym pain led to massive muscle gain…

He had a growth mindset – one that requires you to embrace the suck to get the rewards.  Struggling entrepreneurs dislike the process.  They want fast, easy results. They want tiny hills to climb.  Seven-figure entrepreneurs seek their personal Everest.  They seek a path that requires them to get better every day.

Love the challenge.

Love the opportunity.

Love the fact that you’re alive and get to feel pain and persist through problems.

Don’t just claim you have a Growth Mindset…

You must truly live it and execute a plan to push your boundaries.

3. Long Term Thinking

Arnold knew that one biceps workout would not give him a Mr. Universe body.  The unsuccessful entrepreneur struggles to see past the next seven days.  For example, many beginners panic when results don’t come from their first attempt at selling a new product or service.  But that’s silly… aside from ‘beginner’s luck’, why would an amateur experience professional results? Real results come from a sustained approach over time combined with better skills.  Your job is to build up your ability to delay expected gratification.  Combine that with better skills and a growth mindset and your Whooosh will come.

4. Persistence

One of the most important lessons you can learn is that “everything ends”.

“It will all be over soon,” I write in The Perfect Day Formula, “Both the good times and the bad.”

Be willing to embrace the suck and persist through the days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed… Be willing to come back tomorrow even when you get a beat down today.  The lessons you learn in losses lead to big breakthroughs tomorrow.  I call big breakthroughs the WHOOOOSH effect.  This is where you’ll experience 6 months or a year’s worth of results in a short time – right after going through a period of time where it seems like nothing works.

But the key to experiencing a WHOOOOSH is persistence…

And the foundation of persistence is…

5. Resilience

Successful people commit to resilience over resignation…

When everything seems to turn against you, successful people don’t turn away.  Successful people embrace the suck.  They know that struggle comes before success.

If you are truly committed to climbing your personal Everest… if you’re truly committed to finishing a tough workout, writing your first book, or doing the work that brings you financial freedom…

You’re guaranteed to have moments where you’ll be tempted to quit.  But successful people persist through that phase because they are resilient…

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  Plainly put, it’s toughness.  The irony is that when things seem toughest…

You’re almost always just inches from a breakthrough.  So keep going!  Your Millionaire Mindset can be your biggest asset as you tackle 2022.

Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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