3 Ways To Get More Referrals During Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Get more referrals this holiday season.

Have you thought about what offers you’ll be promoting to your audience during the biggest shopping season of the year?

If you’ve been wondering how to make more money from your AWeber referrals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then we’ve got you covered!

1. Highlight free email marketing.  Connect with those starting new businesses or passion projects and educate them about the value of free email marketing.  It has never been easier or faster to get started with AWeber, which means you can drive even more referrals.  When someone signs up for or upgrades to AWeber Pro, you’ll earn 30% recurring commission for as long as they remain a paying customer.

2. Share free Black Friday and Cyber Monday email and landing page templates.  Online shopping will dominate this holiday season as fewer people shop in person.  Prepare your referrals to promote their businesses online with beautiful, pre-built templates.

3. Promote AWeber’s quarterly and annual discounts.  Let your referrals know they can save up to 15% on AWeber Pro by selecting a quarterly or annual plan.  Plus, when someone prepays for a quarter or a year, you won’t need to wait each month for them to pay their invoice.  You’ll receive that referral payment upfront and reach your minimum payout threshold even faster.

Use your unique referral link everywhere you promote AWeber.

No matter how you plan to promote AWeber, be sure to include your unique referral link.  That’s the only way we can track if someone came from your recommendation and credit you with the referral.

Customize your referral link

If you haven’t already, you can even customize your referral link to match your name or branding.  Simply log in to your advocate account and go to My Profile (but make sure you are logged out of your customer account.  Log in with your advocate ID).

Have questions about AWeber or the Advocate Program?  Simply hit reply or contact us today!

Jena B. - Advocate Manager

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