2022 Blueprint For A Perfect Business

Do you know why most entrepreneurs fail to reach their business goals each year?

Sadly, it’s the same reason 90% of startups ultimately fail.  You see, most business owners aren’t lacking in effort, heart, brains, or even ability…

What they’re missing is a roadmap for how to actually arrive at their goals.

Because if you don’t get clear on the direction of your business…

And you don’t implement proven strategies and systems to generate profits WITHOUT working 70+ hours a week…

Then you just remain stuck on the hamster wheel of trading time for money…

And it becomes impossible to get ahead no matter how fast you run or how much energy you put in.

That’s why I’m handing you the blueprint to your perfect business in 2022…

At our LAST EVER Disciplined Entrepreneur Workshop taking place next week.

If you’ve been wanting to attend one of these virtual events but have been putting it off…

NOW is the time to join.  Not only is it your final opportunity to unlock these life changing strategies…

But you’re gonna get everything you need right in time to kick off a landmark year of record growth and profits in 2022.

Here’s just some of what I’m talking about:

– Your personal “2022 Success Blueprint” detailing the specific action steps, systems, and strategies to GUARANTEE you achieve your vision personally and professionally

– A rare “Ask Me Anything” Q&A with Craig — You can ask questions and get my advice on ANYTHING you’ve been struggling with (Just getting my direct feedback and “outside eyes” on your business can solve problems that otherwise might hold you back for years)

– The “FAST CASH” activators my richest clients regularly use to add an extra $1,000, $5,000, or even $25,000 to their bottom line in just 30-days

– Why your to-do lists AREN’T working and why they’re keeping you stuck, struggling, and achieving far less than you’re capable of (and how a simple sheet of paper can fix it)

– Personalized guidance on overcoming the biggest bottlenecks in YOUR specific business

– The simple tool used by WWII General’s to strategize battles and outsmart the enemy… and how to use it to identify “hidden opportunities” and deadly blindspots in your life and business

– The easy 4-step process my top clients use every 90-days to slash 10+ hours off their work week while maintaining or even growing their profits

– And we’ll walk you through exactly how to implement everything — So by the time you leave you’ll be ready to turn your business around FAST

But this is the LAST one of these virtual workshops.

After that, the only way to get this training is paying at least 10X more for one of my coaching packages…

Or roll the dice and hope at some point we’ll do live workshops again (which, right now, looks doubtful).  So if your idea of huge success in 2022 is a year of RECORD profits… shorter work weeks… and more time for fun and vacations with your family…

Then check out the link below for more details and grab your seat at the last ever Disciplined Entrepreneur Workshop.  You owe it to yourself to make things happen this year.

>> Get Your Perfect Business Blueprint and Crush Your Goals in 2022 with the Disciplined Entrepreneur Workshop

You’ve got what it takes,
Craig Ballantyne

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