177 Self-Made Millionaires All Do THIS

A lot of entrepreneurs think building a 7-figure business is just about getting tons of sales … And of course that’s a huge part of it.

Problem is…

… It’s not the only part of it.

And I see way too many entrepreneurs who spend years “struckling” because they’re convinced there’s some “magic bullet” sales secret that will suddenly unlock million dollar profits.

But here’s the thing … These “secrets” only work when YOU become the type of person who can make them work.

It’s why two people can go through the exact same training, learn the exact same strategies, and have access to the exact same systems…

And one of them takes off and builds a multimillion dollar business in record time (like my client Frank Den Blanken who 10X’d his income in 12 months).

While the other person makes 0 progress, throws in the towel, and says the systems are a “scam”.

At the end of the day … Success in business and life all comes down to WHO you are and how you show up to the world.

In other words, building a 7-figure business isn’t about your strategy, systems, or product… it’s about your habits.

In fact, Thomas C. Corley — best-selling author and president of an esteemed accounting agency — has all but proven simple habits are the only thing that separates millionaires from average Joes.

Not intelligence.  Not dumb luck.  Not looks.


Corley conducted a 5 year study of 177 self-made millionaires and 128 low income individuals.

Overwhelmingly, his research showed that millionaires share specific daily habits that low earners don’t.

What are these habits?

Some you can probably guess…

Like exercising regularly…

Reading daily…

Sleeping at least 7 hours per night … And getting up early (at least 3 hours before their official work day begins).

And while it’s valuable to know what these habits are…

It’s even more important to understand exactly how real millionaires are applying them every day to live a life of freedom, health, and financial success.

That’s the whole reason I created the Millionaire Monthly newsletter…

It’s your “backstage pass” into the habits and routines of the 1%.

Every month I share new secrets myself and my 250+ millionaire clients use each day to grow our businesses, strengthen our mindsets, and live our perfect lives.

And in this month’s issue you’ll discover things like:

– The 3 High Income “meta skills” you must develop to achieve the life and business of your dreams (I promise they’re NOT what you think).

– Step-by-step how to outlearn (and out earn) your competition by applying cutting edge “ultra learning” principles to your business

– 3 life changing books that will completely shift your perspective on success and challenge your assumptions about “the good life”

– 4 marketing principles my team and I use to regularly create multiple 6 and 7-figure income streams out of thin air.

– 3 stupid simple tactics I’ve used to generate millions of dollars with (free) social media.  And how to apply them to your business

And the best part?

You can get all of these lessons and more delivered straight to your inbox every single month…

For only $7.

But this month’s issue is already with the designer … Which means you only have a couple days left to join in time to get it.

For less than the price of a jar of avocado mayo — you can unlock the secret habits for millionaire success.

Your call.

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Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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