There are 109 days left in 2020…

…And that means there’s still time to make this year one of the best years of your life.

To lay the foundations of your Empire.

To be the light in a dark world and serve the people who need your help.

To take the massive action required to keep you, your family, and your business safe no matter what 2021 brings.

In 109 days…

You can change your life forever.

And reach a whole new level of success in your life and business.


I know a lot of you might feel “guilty” even hearing this…

…And deep down you might feel like growing your business, expanding your vision, and achieving success while so many others are struggling is “wrong”.

But the truth is…

Stepping into a new level of growth and success is how you become a part of the solution to the chaos of 2020.

It gives you the resources you need to actually make a difference.

To create jobs while unemployment continues to skyrocket.

To donate money to the charities and causes that need it.

To deliver life-changing solutions to people who are crying themselves to sleep each night because of a burning pain you can solve.

To be the change you want to see instead of complaining about what other people ‘should’ do.

I don’t have any predictions about what’s going to happen next…

But I do know that the only way we’re going to get out of this mess is for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and gamechangers of the world to step up and lead.

Just like they have during every crisis, pandemic, and recession before this one.

And today, I want to give you a quick tool to help you do that.

It’s my 90-day Reality Maker Blueprint.  [Yes! … It’s FREE]

The exact same 90-day planning tool I’ve personally used to reverse engineer and achieve my biggest goals.

And the same tool thousands of my clients have used to double their profits, expand their business, work less, and make time for what matters most.

As simple as it is…

…It’s one of the most powerful tools to help you develop the FOCUS you need to thrive.

And if you’ll take 30-minutes to do it today…

You’ll walk away from this exercise with MASSIVE clarity.

Knowing exactly what to focus on…

And exactly what to avoid…

Just click here to download the blueprint.

And click here to check out my video walkthrough of how to use it.

↓Or Watch Now↓

I promise…

If you’ll take this seriously…

You’ll make more progress in the next 109 days than you have all year.

To Your Success,

Craig Ballantyne






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