#1 “Income Accelerator” to Make More Sales Online in 2021

If you don’t have a product, service, or course that you sell online (or would like to) then this email won’t do much for you.  But if you do have – or want to start – an online business and you’re interested in learning how to make 1,000 sales a day.  Or even if you just wanted to get to 10 or 50 or 100 sales a day ASAP.  This should be right up your alley.  My longtime buddy and 8-Figure copywriter Justin Goff has designed a course to give you everything you need to know for creating a million dollar offer.  In fact…

It was Justin’s advice that helped us get our Millionaire Morning Routine up to 98 sales per day in 2020 (we’re just about to crack through 100 sales per day too!).  Now, there’s lots of courses, systems and “Goo-roos” out there that claim to teach something like this BUT … what Justin gives you is completely different and has NEVER been taught before.  Why?

Well first of all because he’s probably the most qualified possible person to teach this.  Having scaled dozens of 7 and 8-Figure offers and building his own supplement company from $0 to $22 Million in just two years.  But also because he completely simplifies the somewhat overwhelming task of “creating a million dollar offer.”  You see big money offers really come down to just one thing.  Getting tons of buyers every day.

So Justin’s course simply breaks down the 5 key elements of creating and scaling an offer to 1,000 buyers a day (even 10% of that would still line your pockets nicely).  With that shift in focus things get a lot more manageable.  And joining the “two comma club” becomes way more achievable.  Just to give you an idea how bonafide this course really is.  Justin’s recruited the best of the best to teach these skills, and you’ll get insights & secrets from…

    • Chris Haddad, one of the Internet’s most accomplished and sought-after copywriters, who’s created multiple million dollar winners.
    • Joe Schriefer, who as CEO of industry heavyweight Agora Financial (which did $130MM in 2020 and is basically an 8-Figure offer machine) knows the anatomy of a multimillion dollar offer inside out.
    • Jay Dieboldt, the brains behind the $50MM “Credit Secrets” offer.
    • Stefan Georgi, another pal of mine who netted $700K in a single month last year and is well on his way to $1BB in sales from the different offers he’s created.

And a bunch of other pros who have all created offers that scaled to 1000 buyers a day and beyond.  If you want to learn how these guys have done it.  So that you can create and scale your own million dollar offer.  I would grab Justin’s course now while he’s still got his promotion on…

Which gives you a chance to grab a copy of the $2,000 course for FREE (yep free).

You can check out his video with all the details at the link below:

>> Get 1,000 Buyers A Day and make more sales online in 2021

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

P.S. Just so you know how seriously I take Justin’s stuff…

His is the ONLY marketing email I read on a daily basis.  Whenever he gives me advice on my offer, copy, or marketing in general I scrap anything else and go with what he says (even though I’ve given him some good tips too)…

And I also have a paid subscription to his monthly print newsletter — which has provided dozens of separate insights that each translated into 5 and 6-Figure profits.  So when he announced he was running this promo, I knew I had to let you know about it.

>> Here’s that link again

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