#1 Factor Of An Effective Morning Routine

Here’s a simple yet important question…

How do you start your days?

Are you getting up early and trying to do a million things to get pumped up and “prime” your day?

If so I’ve got news for you — that’s a surefire way to accomplish NOTHING important.  That’s why I made this new video to give you the…

#1 MUST HAVE factor for an effective morning routine

☝️ You’ll also learn…

– How to use “Magic Time” to accomplish your biggest priorities in as little as 15 minutes each morning

– A simple 5 word sentence that will make you one of the most productive people on the planet — no matter what industry you’re in

– CAUTION: Avoid THIS motivational “Rabbit Hole” like the plague… it leaves you tired and unaccomplished even though all the gurus tell you to do it — (3:26)

– The ugly truth about why your business has revenue but little profit… fixing this will burst the dam and can take you from 6-figures to millionaire status

– The absolute WORST time to workout… and when to schedule your exercise instead

– The single most important component of an effective morning routine (This is the secret to how I get more done by noon than most people do all week)

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>> #1 MUST HAVE factor for an effective morning routine

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Craig Ballantyne

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